What Real Estate Coaching Programs Will Work for You?

When potential clients come to me, the first thing I ask them is what their biggest concerns are.  Often,  all they say is “look, I have no idea where we should even begin”. 

That makes sense, of course. If anyone,  real estate agents included,  comes to a coach for help,  then they’re usually at a loss.  The trouble with that, of course, is people tend to want to see some sort of available solution.  If they don’t, they might give up on seeking help altogether.

That’s why, after years of experience as a real estate coach,  I’ve created three coaching programs of my own.  Now,  I’ve mentioned before that I tend to avoid “one-size-fits-all” solutions. That’s because there’s no such thing! That being said,  I’ve looked at the three most fundamental areas where agents ask for help.  From there,  I’ve been able to create my three real estate coach programs to help agents like you. 

Since these are coaching programs, as opposed to training programs, they’re flexible and will be tailored to your specific needs.  So take a moment, read on, and find out what real estate coaching programs work for you.

-Laser Coaching

I always begin coaching with a strategy session (more on that later).  The sessions are critical. That’s because often agents realize that their concerns are not with their businesses. Their concerns are with themselves. 

It could be they’re doubting their judgment when retaining new agents.  They might feel they keep making the same business mistakes. Or they’re simply concerned they’re to blame for all their brokerage’s troubles. For whatever reason, these agents often decide they need to focus on themselves, as opposed to their business.

For those agents,  I’ve created the Laser Coaching program.  It’s made up of fast-paced (hence the name) short coaching sessions. They’re designed to target a client’s main concern about themselves.  These sessions are effective at getting those issues squared away.  Then clients are able to approach their business in a new light, with a new attitude.

So if you’ve been feeling that your concerns lie with you, not your brokerage, then the Laser Coaching program is for you.  In short, quick sessions,  we’ll focus on what you’d like to improve.  You’ll have a new takeaway after each session, and you’ll begin to change yourself right away.

-Brokerage By Design

Sometimes, though, an agent’s concerns are definitely with their brokerage itself.  If so, then the Brokerage By Design program may be exactly what they’re looking for. I’ve designed this program so clients can completely redefine their brokerage, and in a way that works for them.

I first designed the program with established broker-owners in mind.  I had so many clients who felt their brokerage’s growth had stagnated, or worse, gone in reverse.  Then, a whole different type of client expressed an interest as well!  That is agents who wanted to make the big leap into brokerage ownership. These agents wanted to make sure they did it right.  As it turns out, Brokerage By Design works for both types of clients. 

The program is a long-term,  three-month program that targets every “building block” of a successful brokerage.  I like to call it “13 weeks to a fantastically profitable brokerage”, for anyone who’s curious.  Working with my clients,  we focus more than the mechanics of a brokerage. We’ll also focus on what feels good to them as owners, and what really resonates with who they are.

After all, there’s always going to be overlap between you as a person, and the brokerage you’ve created.  So what’s going to make your brokerage profitable is if things run the way you’ve envisioned it.  So don’t worry:  Brokerage By Design might have a core foundation, but we’ll customize the rest so it serves your needs.  I like to say it serves your life, your way!

-Brokerage Troubleshooter

Sometimes, after our first strategy session, clients realize they have just one major issue. And it’s often the only thing blocking their brokerage from success.  To zoom in on and resolve that “one thing”,  I’ll recommend Brokerage Troubleshooter.

For some clients, the concern is over lost market share.  For others, it could be agent retention.  Sometimes, it’s a very specific challenge that’s creating a massive roadblock.  If all else is humming along,  then it’s time to troubleshoot the problem and find a solution.

The beauty of this program is sometimes, the solution is simpler than first thought.  I had a client who was frustrated due to his brokerage’s low number of new prospects.  He was prepared to try just about everything to get back to where he wanted. 

After we began the Brokerage Troubleshooter,  we found out the answer was under our noses.  His brokerage’s website wasn’t very mobile-friendly!  Potential clients found it frustrating to use and would quickly move on.  Plus, his agents weren’t fond of using it either. So after a little effort and expense, my client had a slick new website designed, up and running.  He made sure his agents and staff received training on how to use it, as well.  By the next quarter, he was happy to report a significant surge in new prospects. 

So if you’ve got a feeling there’s just one challenge blocking you from success,  then let’s give the Brokerage Troubleshooter program a try.

Chances are if you’re in need of coaching,  one of these three programs is the perfect solution for you.   Take a moment to read through them again.  Which one best fits your life and your needs?

If you’re unsure (or you if you’re definitely sure, for that matter), then let’s get started.

It all begins with your free 45-minute strategy session.  Head over to timewithbill.com, choose a time that’s right for you, and that’s it.  You’ll be on your way to finding out which real estate coaching program will be your perfect match.

Whatever your concerns may be,  I’m here to help you solve them. After all, I’ve coached broker-owners just like you across the country.  I’ve helped them get themselves and their brokerages on the right track.  So I’m sure I can do the same for you.

So contact me, Bill Foss,  and let’s get started today.

Bill Foss

I love helping brave business people, those who take risks and place their future and financial wellbeing squarely on their own shoulders, to reach for their business potential in a way that supports their life vision!

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