What Is It that You Resist?

Earlier today,  I made a video because I didn’t feel like making a video.

The video was so I could share my latest thoughts with you.  Yet somehow,  I didn’t feel like doing it.  In fact, I realized I was outright resisting making it.

When I realized that,  I was confused at first.  How could I be resisting talking about my new business? After all,  I’ve worked hard for it.  I’m pretty excited about it.  There was no reason to resist making a video about it.  And yet, I was. 

So I began to wonder how many of my clients had been in this situation.  How many real estate agents were actively resisting doing what needed to be done?  How many didn’t even realize they were resisting?  Many of them might even be angry at themselves, thinking they’re just being lazy.

Take some time with me, right now,  and find out what it is that you resist.  More importantly,  let’s talk about how you can overcome it.

-How To Recognize Resistance

The whole time I resisted making that video,  I thought I was just  avoiding it.  So I got very hard on myself, and accused myself of things that weren’t true.  I told myself that I was procrastinating.  I even told myself that I was unwilling to give my new business my all.  If only I’d realized I was actually resisting the project sooner! Then I could have been one step closer to getting past it.

So how do you recognize resistance?  Start with the process of elimination..,and with being kinder to yourself.

In my case,  I used a mental checklist to eliminate all other possibilities.  I knew I was committed to making my business a success.  I knew that I’d never procrastinate on something as key as a video.  And yes,  I was kind enough to myself to remind myself of those things. 

Once I’d eliminated all other logical possibilities, there was only one option left.  I hadn’t filmed the video yet, because I was resisting filming it.

The next time you think you’re avoiding doing something, try this simple trick.  Eliminate all other (frequently negative) possibilities by using a mental checklist.  And remember to be positive when you’re speaking to yourself.  You’ll likely find you’re actively resisting doing the things you know you must do.

-Why Do You Resist What You Resist?

Next comes the part where things can get uncomfortable.  Why do you resist what you resist?

It’s a question that you need to ask yourself if you’re to move forward.  The answer, though, can be hard to acknowledge. That’s because the answer can bring a lot of discomfort. The main reason we resist is because we don’t want to leave our comfort zone.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a comfort zone.  They’re a good thing to have! It’s good to know where your limits are, because they often keep us safe.  Yet,  sometimes “staying safe” is more dangerous than pushing your limits.  And let’s face it: when we’re about to try something big, that means pushing our limits.

That’s when staying in your comfort zone can do more harm than good.  You might start relying on the same old habits you’ve always kept.  You may choose to do things the way you’ve always done them.  Those old habits might not work with your new venture.

In my case, the “something big” is launching my new business.  Now,  I’ve been a real estate coach for a long time.  I’ve never done anything like this, however.  So I’m not very comfortable yet talking about it.  Which is why I was resisting filming that video this morning.  You can see how this resistance is harmful to a person’s goals!

-Escaping Your Comfort Zone

Now that we know why we resist, the next question comes up. If we don’t want to leave our comfort zone…then how do we convince ourselves to do it?

How do we leave that warm, fuzzy and yes, comforting place? How do you show yourself that the risk is worth the reward?

A good place to start is to go back to the thing you’re resisting. The “what”,  as it were!  It could be filming your latest video for social media, like me.  Maybe it’s organizing your file cabinet. It could even be programming your new laptop.  Whatever it is, that’s your starting point.

Once you’ve done that, identify the precise reason you’re resisting it.  It can help to write this down (or type, if you prefer).  Sometimes, there’s a dozen small thoughts in your head.  Writing them down can help you clear them up.

You may find you don’t like how your voice sounds on camera.  Or you think you’re terrible at organizing files.  Maybe you’re still embarrassed by the C- you got in Computer Programming 101.  All of those are related to stepping outside your comfort zone.  Your inner self most likely is resisting it.

There’s a great thing about this step.  Often, the precise reason you’re resisting will now seem minor.  Especially once you realize it’s preventing you from meeting your goals! Once you realize the risk is worth the reward, it becomes easier to step outside your comfort zone.

-How Real Estate Coaching Can Help You Overcome Resistance

Of course, we’re all different and so are the things we resist against.  So sometimes,  getting out of our comfort zones is easier said than done.  You might feel the reasons you’re resisting are too complex to solve.  Or you might think the solutions are too difficult for you to resolve .

A top-quality real estate coach can help you overcome resistance.  I’ve been coaching realtors for years. More importantly,  I’ve helped them identify and overcome the things they resist against.  After,  as I’ve shared with you earlier,  I sometimes have to overcome resistance myself!

If you’ve had enough of resisting the things that will lead to success,  I can help.  I’ve coached hundreds of real estate agents like you.  They’ve all identified what’s holding them back, and how to stop resisting it.  I can help you break through your roadblocks to your best self.  With secure online coaching,  I can coach you from anywhere, and right in the safety of your own office.

Ready to stop resisting? Then give me,  Bill Foss, a call today!

Reach me at  1-800-440-3677 or email me at bill@billfoss.com . Let’s get started today.

In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view What Is It that You Resist? on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/WdLeQPGCLHc

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