Symptoms of Being Out of Alignment

Are you feeling a little out of sorts lately? Are things just not going the way you’d hoped? You may be experiencing symptoms of being out of business alignment. But don’t worry; there are things you can do to get back on track.

Common symptoms of being out of alignment are chasing shiny lure syndrome, imposter syndrome, feast famine feast cycle, and feeling overwhelmed. If you’re suffering from any of these, taking a step back and realigning yourself with your business goals is essential. 

Business alignment is when your personal and professional values, goals, and actions sync. By getting clear on what you want and taking aligned action, you can achieve greater success in your business and feel more fulfilled along the way.

Having an aligned business will help you understand where you’re going. We will define ‘the who’ and then “the how.’ Knowing how to do something will only provide incremental improvements. But, knowing who can help will provide considerable improvements to your business.

Most people want to know how to be successful in business, but I wonder if learning how to is the best way to accomplish more and do better. I would argue that knowing how to would only offer you substantial improvements. This blog post will discuss some of the most common symptoms of being out of business alignment.

Symptoms of Being Out of Alignment

What Is the Lack of Alignment? 

I’m often asked, “What do you mean by being out of alignment?” I like to use the analogy of a car. Imagine if you drive a vehicle and the wheels are out of alignment. The ride begins to get bumpy. Eventually, the tires wear out, and what happens when the tires wear out?

When your car shakes and shimmies at certain speeds, it will go to wear out your tires. The joints, tie rod ends, shocks, and brakes begin to vibrate when you exit the off-ramp. If the car is out of alignment, things aren’t rolling smoothly. There’s friction, and more friction means more energy is required. The car needs to work harder to get the same result right.

We are the same if we ignore the warning signs of being out of alignment with our business. Then we, too, will wear out. We, too, need more energy, fatigue, and other things begin to break down.

How Do I Know if I Am Out of Alignment? 

When it comes to running a successful business, alignment is critical. If you’re out of alignment, it can feel like you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle. You may find yourself second-guessing your decisions. It could be feeling like you’re always one step behind. Your team may be constantly frustrated, or you may be noticing a high turnover rate.

Understanding Business Alignment

You may be out of business alignment if you have any of these problems. The good news is that it’s never too late to get back on track. Take some time to assess your current situation. Realign your goals, and you can get your business back on the path to success.

5 Symptoms of Being Out of Alignment 

Many business owners have experienced being out of alignment. If you’re unclear on your purpose or your values are out of sync with how you’re running your business. It can lead to all sorts of problems. If you’re struggling to make progress or if you’re constantly putting out fires. It’s a sign that something is out of alignment. 

Here are five symptoms of being out of alignment:

1. Chasing Shiny Lure Syndrome 

This happens when we take a course. We learn something exciting, buy into a program, and implement it. Unfortunately, something doesn’t feel right, and our enthusiasm begins to wane. It drops off entirely, and then what do we do? We go looking for another course or class or technology.

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Whatever it is to get that dopamine rush again to start learning. The same thing happens, and that happens over and over again. You keep chasing something that’s going to feel right to you. The reality is we need to adapt things to who we really are.

2. Imposter Syndrome

We feel uncomfortable with what we’re doing that got us there, and we’re afraid it will all collapse. We may have great success because we push through. We reach a level of productivity and success. But then we begin to look around and say somebody’s going to figure out that I’m not that good. 

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3. Feast Famine Feast Cycle

You get busy doing things, and things are going well. The sad truth is that you’re avoiding things you don’t want to do, and the business inevitably begins to fall off. Why does this happen? It’s because you’re not doing the difficult things right. So you go through the feast famine feast roller coaster ride.

You will feel stressed and overwhelmed because you push yourself to the limit. You’re juggling too many balls in the air that aren’t you’re not able to focus on them properly. Why? They don’t excite you! They’re not of interest to you. You’re not great at them, so you begin to drop balls, so there’s stress. 

4. Feeling Overwhelmed

Everything feels easy when you’re in alignment with your business. You’re clear on your vision and mission. You’re taking consistent steps towards achieving them. But when you’re out of alignment, everything feels hard. When you feel overwhelmed, it’s a sure sign that you’re out of business alignment.

You feel like you’re swimming upstream, and no matter how much you paddle, you can’t seem to progress. That’s because you’re not focused on the right things. You’re not doing the things that move you closer to your goals. You’re also wasting time and energy on things that don’t serve your business. As a result, you feel scattered, confused, and overwhelmed.

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5. Fatigue and Burnout

It feels like pulling and pushing back on a giant rubber band between two trees. We push back, keep forcing and pushing and eventually get tired. We let go, and unfortunately, when we let go or when the rubber band snaps, there is a lot of collateral damage in our personal lives. It can be in our health, the people we work with, our family, or our clientele.

A lot of damage happens because we get burned out and fatigued since we push ourselves through things that don’t feel right to us. We’re uncomfortable that we’re out of alignment with who we really are.

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We try to perceive or pursue the way someone else does things, and that’s not going to work. You need to discover who you are and create the business and life you want to live your way around.

When a business is aligned with who you are, everything works much more smoothly. Like the car we were talking about, you don’t just put new tires on a car that’s out of alignment. You have to fix it and get the wheels back into alignment. You can only put a bigger motor on, better tires, stronger brakes, and make the car go faster.

The best part is that you don’t need to do it alone. You can have someone to help you achieve a successful business alignment. Call me today at (978) 225-0398!

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