Stepping Up from Data to Wisdom with Real Estate Online Coaching

With so much information out there, sometimes it can be too overwhelming. It’s easy to feel more confused than knowledgeable with the onslaught of data and information. This is where real estate coaching and mentoring can help you. A real estate coach will give you access to valuable information and help you adapt that information and application to your unique situation. 

[00:06 – 00:35] – Hello, Bill Foss, here at Bill Foss Coaching and Consulting. Many of you have seen my iceberg presentation where I talk about the Pearl diver, and the deeper they go, the better the pearls. And there are fewer people that can dive that deep, and how the value of information or knowledge and wisdom is at the deeper levels. And I want to explain that further today. Right now, there is an onslaught of data and information in our world, right? 

[00:36 – 01:03] – There are more and more information and data available. But information and data are good to set trends and to begin to develop a direction. What happens is as we go up the pyramid, as it narrows, you’ll see that data and information become more valuable, right? So if you get to knowledge, what we get in our books, in our schools, in our courses, in our training where gaining a knowledge, which is skill, and it is part of growth, and we begin to gain skill.

[01:03 – 01:38]And as we move up further, our knowledge is applied, and we begin to get experience. And in that section, again, we’re increasing our scale. We’re increasing the level of growth, and our value begins to increase. And there are fewer people that allow themselves the time to gain the experience and the skills they need. Then you move up the ladder even further to expertise. People that are experts at what they do have taken their skills and growth, and they’ve focused on results. 

[01:39 – 02:12] And what’s interesting about that many times when you speak to an expert, someone who’s really doing the thing. They’re not even aware of what they do because they have become so adept at what they do. You’d have to ask very pointed and careful questions to extract from them how they do things specifically. And to get the results, they’re getting. So, sometimes the top experts aren’t the best coaches and trainers and content developers because they’re so far beyond where most people are at. They don’t even know how they’re doing what they do. 

[02:13 – 02:44] Then the next level is wisdom. People that have wisdom have discernment. They now understand the intricacies and the cause and effect, and the things that interrupt the success and the results. And they’re able to filter through that information. There are fewer and fewer people as you move up this ladder. And it’s interesting because, inverse of what I showed you, if this were information or coaching and training, you’ll see that there’s a free line, right? 

[02:45 – 03;23] You can go on YouTube, and there’s just a ton of information. You can Google things. There’s so much information, free quality stuff, but it’s an onslaught of information. You then have to take that information, using the data and the trends to determine what knowledge you need to do, what it is you’re doing. What happens is people then go for books and courses, a little it’s not free anymore. It begins to cost money. So as you go deeper, the cost goes up; the access goes down. So there are less books and courses that are put together in a cohesive way to build knowledge and skill.

[03:24 – 03:55] Then you go into training. Most of the coaching programs, as I said, in that other video are training programs. Coaching takes that and makes it even more experiential for you. In other words, we adapt knowledge and information to the individual. That’s what a coach does maximize one’s potential. As you move deeper and deeper, there are fewer and fewer, and the access goes down and the cost, but the value goes up. Books and courses are okay, but most people don’t implement it. 

[03:56 – 04:27] Then you go to a training program where there’s a, how to implement the ideas that a particular program is presenting. That’s more valuable, more expensive. Then you go to coaching, how to adapt that information and application to your situation. Coaching is again, more focused, less people are able to do that, and more expensive. And then you go into mentorship. Now I mentioned that expertise is difficult to most experts. They have difficulty expressing how they got their result. 

[04:28 – 04:58] A mentorship is you go out in the field with these people, you see what they do, you do what they do. You, yourself, extrapolate the discernment you need to apply it. Again, mentorship is very expensive. Their time is valuable, and there’s less of them that are willing to do that because they’re out doing the thing. Value goes up, cost goes up, access goes down as you go deeper in the funnel. 

It’s just like data, data is everywhere, but there are very few people that have used data to create wisdom where there’s discernment to get the results. 

[04:59 – 05:21] So, I hope that’s beneficial. I really want you to understand that there are no free rides, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed on this earlier stuff. It’s just these people, and these opportunities accelerate your growth and accelerate your ability to reach wisdom for whatever it is you’re doing.

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