Is a Real Estate Coach Right for You?

On a recent video call,  the discussion turned to professional coaching.  As we spoke, one person expressed his doubts.  “Coaching? Like for your job?  I just don’t see the point of it”.

I chose not to take his comment personally (because what good would that do?).  I did, though, ask him to elaborate on his thoughts.  After all, how many other professionals feel the way he does? As a real estate coach, it’s crucial for me to know why people might overlook the help I can give them.

We had a great discussion in the end.  He still wasn’t sure if he’d ever need a coach.  After talking to me, though, he could understand why many people might.  Especially if they were real estate agents.

After our conversation,  I got thinking. I’ve pinpointed the four main reasons someone might decide real estate coaching is right for them. If you’re a real estate agent, and you also have doubts about the value of coaching, read on.  You may realize that real estate coaching is just what you’ve been missing.

Four Times When Real Estate Coaching Is Right For You

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1. You’re Just Starting Your Real Estate Career

It can be tough out there when you’re a brand-new agent. Looking for the right brokerage and creating your first marketing materials. The big one, of course, is closing that first-ever home sale…it’s overwhelming! Plus, many new agents worry that one bad move will ruin their career forever.

So if there were ever a time for coaching, the start of your career is it. A real estate coach can help you create and practice your sales technique. A coach can help you avoid common  mistakes that could cost you a sale. Basically, a coach can help any new agent build the strongest foundation possible for their career.   (A real estate coach can guide you to create a BUSINESS that serves you. A business that is built on a solid foundation.  A business that represents you and your values)

Now is a good time to mention something that often surprises me.  I’ve found a lot of new agents seem ashamed when they come to me for coaching. They’ll usually tell me that they’re embarrassed because they think they shouldn’t be “asking for help” so early in their careers. Well, part of working hard includes getting help with the things you don’t know.  There’s definitely no shame in it!

2. You Feel Your Career Has Stalled

Most of us, at some point, most of us will feel like we’re in a career slump.  If you’re a real estate agent, a slump can feel particularly daunting. 

This feeling of stagnation can happen at any time in your career.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been an agent for five years or twenty.  Maybe you haven’t increased your annual sales for several years.  Or you’ve had a string of listings you felt you should  have landed but lost to a competitor.  It may even be that referrals from clients haven’t come as often as you’d like.  Whatever the reason,  it can be hard to get out of a slump on your own.

An experienced real estate coach can help you solve the issues which are blocking your success.  Those issues may not even be as complicated as you think.  A good coach will be able to show you exactly how to reignite your career momentum.  Again,  there’s no shame in asking for help.  It’s certainly a better option than keeping your career indefinitely stalled.

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3. You Want To Focus Your Career In A New Direction

Most real estate agents have their preferred types of homes or clients.  So it’s not unusual for agents, like you, to decide they’re not dealing with the home sales they actually want.  That means a career shift is in order, but many agents feel they don’t know how. 

It’s true that switching gears mid-career can be easier said than done. A good real estate coach, however, can help you achieve it.  I worked with an agent who had been in real estate for seven or eight years.  He admitted his goal had always been to exclusively sell vacation homes.  Since he had no clients or connections in the field, though, he thought it might be impossible. 

So we put together a networking plan that would get him into the vacation homes field.  With some good effort,  he landed an interested buyer.  Then he sold his first vacation property a few months later.  He’s now known as the go-to agent for vacation properties in his area.  Goal achieved!

Switching career focus as an agent can be tricky.  An experienced real estate coach can guide you through the steps to make it happen.

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4. You Want To Open Your Own Brokerage

This is one of the biggest steps a real estate agent can make.  If there was ever a time you want a good coach on your side, opening your own brokerage is it.

In fact, the best time to hire a real estate coach is if you’re still debating taking this step.  I’ve met so many incredible agents who would make excellent brokerage owners. Yet those same agents are often too full of self-doubt to make the move.  If they chose to sit down with a coach, however, they’d likely find they have the talent and the means to make it happen!

Even if you do feel ready,  consulting a coach first is still a good idea.  There are many hidden pitfalls on the way to becoming a successful brokerage owner.  A real estate coach can show you how to identify and avoid them.  Better still, a coach can teach you how to find hidden opportunities before you go into business.  Real estate coaching will show you, step by step, how to launch your brokerage the right way.  Make sure you consult a coach before you take this big step.

So there you have it: the four big reasons why a real estate coach may be right for you.  Of course, professional real estate coaching can help you no matter where you are in your career.  It’s certainly not limited to the four reasons I’ve talked about here!

Real estate coaching can help you through every up and down of being an agent.  As one of the best real estate coaches online,  I’ve coached agents across the country.  I’ve helped agents at the start of their career, in the middle, and before they’ve launched brokerages of their own.  I can coach you through every big decision of your career as well.

If you’ve decided real estate coaching is right for you, then give me, Bill Foss, a call today.  Let’s make your real estate career everything you want it to be.

Bill Foss

I love helping brave business people, those who take risks and place their future and financial wellbeing squarely on their own shoulders, to reach for their business potential in a way that supports their life vision!

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