How to Get My Real Estate Agents Motivated to Produce

Over the years, I have determined the key elements for how to get my real estate agents motivated to produce. Attention to detail, attention to humanity, and attention to people. 

The One Thing to Get Your Agents Motivated to Produce

There is profound insight within the pages of this bestseller.  Gary Keller and Jay Papasan extol a lot of wisdom. And so much of it applies to the real estate business.  Here are two important nuggets :

1.) Narrow Your Focus: – 

Extraordinary results come from narrowing your focus. This might sound counterintuitive, especially in today’s world of multitasking madness.  It often seems that our ability to practice this technique determines our worth.  It also might bring our downfall.  This is especially true in real estate where every deal requires detailed attention. Keller and Papsan suggest instead that we focus on one thing at a time.  Motivate your agents by:

Calming the Chaos.  Removing the pressure to multitask will ease the pressure. This will create happier, more motivated agents.

Revealing Specialties. When we have the time to think, our creative genius emerges and we can focus on the one thing we do well. 

Prioritizing: Priorities can get lost in the shuffle of multitasking. When your agents focus on the priorities, more gets accomplished and the whole team wins. 

2.) Goal Setting:

Every REALTOR® has a long term goal, but they may not know how to identify it.  As a leader, it’s your job to break it down into manageable increments.  But identifying it isn’t enough. The target will still seem far away and unattainable. Bring your agent’s goal into the present by having them focus on doing one thing toward it every day.  This will keep the target within sight, thereby enhancing motivation. It will also instill positive habits that will benefit your entire team. 

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Create a Culture of Real Estate Motivation

Set Individual Goals

Team goals are great.  It’s important to bring your team together for a common end-of-month or end-of-year goal. Both for morale and survival of your business.  But no matter how close your team, most of your agents will already have a team. This other team – their family – is naturally more important to them.  They’re working to provide for their kids.  They have long-term career goals they’re working toward. There might not be a capital “ I” in team, but there is a little “i” hidden beneath the surface. Embracing the little “i” will take the capital “I” out of your team.  Take the time to find out each agent’s specific goals, and show them that you care about helping them get there. 

Embrace the Humanity: 

Get down to the heart of the matter.  Nobody leaps out of bed in the morning saying “I want to go and make someone else a ton of money!”  But they will want to find the young widower dad the perfect home where his family can start over.  Or the cozy, romantic master bedroom for their newlywed clients. It’s all about humanity. Humanity lives in the beautiful memories each home will store.  We are all only separated by those six degrees. So embracing those connections to humanity is one of the greatest motivators. Recognize it, and encourage your team to recognize it.

Intentional Culture: I’ve learned that you can’t just throw ten random, talented people together and have an insta-bond. You have to encourage intentional culture.  But Bill, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic! How are we supposed to plan a corporate retreat? 

This is where I believe CHEMISTRY results in culture. Vision leads to clear expectations and standards. And these define your ideal agent profile.  Building your team with agents whose work ethic and personality resonate with your values results in less friction, and sustainable long-term chemistry.  Your hiring strategy is as intentional as it gets.  

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Recognize your Real Estate Agents’ Productiveness

Professional/Personal Development: 

Providing access to education as a motivator will help your business in two ways.  First, learning new skills will allow your agents to grow in their careers.  And they will feel like you are bringing them into your inner circle – they have arrived!  In turn, this newfound confidence will translate into more deals closed.  Want a bonus reason? You’ll feel good because you’re doing something good. 

Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition:

We want recognition from our peers almost as much as from our boss. This goes back to our days in the schoolyard, when we wanted the other kids to accept us. There is no way to describe the personal confidence this brings.  This translates to professional confidence – and business.  It also has the added benefit of fostering a high performance culture, due to my next point. 

When praising your team, make sure you are sincere. Yes, they will be able to tell if you’re not.  REALTORS® live and die by the subtlest clues.  Believe that they’ll recognize the clues coming from you as well. 


You can never go wrong with this old standby.  By nature, we humans thrive on competition.  In our business, a common refrain is “keeping up with the Joneses”.  We don’t know who the Joneses are, but we will do anything to keep up with them!

Is winter around the corner? Pin a cruise on the virtual bulletin board.  If the competition itself isn’t enough to motivate your agents, this will be.

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Motivate Your Real Estate Agents like it’s 2020 

It’s the trend of the year in business. You’re seeing it and hearing about it everywhere. What you might not have considered, is that the saving grace of 2020 might also be the perfect motivation.  Get out of the office!  

There is nothing more draining than the clicking of keys, and constant ringing of phones.  Add recirculated air that smells of stale coffee, and you have a typical real estate office. Then toss that office into the middle of a recession.  Now those callers are begging for deals.  And that recirculated air just might contain COVID-19.  Yeah – time to relocate outdoors. Or to the cafe that recently reopened – support another local business. You could also do the virtual thing that’s become so popular of late. Close your physical office and let your agents work from home. You’ll have a team motivated to produce by a change of environment.  And you’ll save overhead costs in rent, internet, and coffee supplies. Afraid you’ll lose control of your team? Send them a personal “thought of the day” they’ll feel compelled to respond to.  Or schedule one of those Zoom meetings that are all the rage.  Here’s another change of scenery you can have fun with.  You’re all one big happy Brady Bunch! Remember the boss who turned herself into a potato and got stuck that way? THIS will inspire morale.

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