How Many Trash Barrels Did You Miss Today?

We live in an age where it is so easy to judge everyone. When we cross paths with another person, we often analyze them and make our own assumptions. Although it’d part of human nature, it doesn’t make it right. As a real estate coach, I have learned that when you observe before you judge, you open yourself to possibilities. It’s important to try to give people the benefit of the doubt because things are not always as they appear.

( 00:05 – 00:27) Good morning, Bill Foss, here from Bill Foss Coaching and Consulting. Every morning I go for a walk and, around the cemetery and there’s a path around. And every few days, you see a whole team from the cemetery crew picking up bags of doggy dung and blowing off the walkways and just taking care of the premises. 

( 00:28 – 00:48 ) And they do a wonderful job, but unfortunately, not everyone is as concerned about how things look, and they leave their dog poop bags behind and trash. And it is frustrating at times to see how hard they work to keep it clean. And at other times, people don’t seem to care about it. 

( 00:49 – 01:11 ) And so this morning on my walk, I had a lady and her dog approaching maybe 10, 20 yards away. And I saw her take her dog dung and throw it over the fence of the cemetery. And right inside of me, I felt well up this judgment about how could she be so inconsiderate? And I said, really? And she looked at me and said, really! 

( 01:12 – 01:34 ) As we walked past one another, and I didn’t continue the conversation and thanked God I didn’t because I then noticed that there was a trash barrel on the other side of the fence that I just couldn’t see. And I turned to her immediately and walked back a few steps and apologized profusely. I said I am very sorry. I misjudged you and misspoke. 

(01:35 – 01:58 ) I am very concerned about how this area looks, and I hope you can appreciate that. I was just trying to make people aware of those who leave some of these things behind how inconsiderate it is. And I see that you are not inconsiderate. And I do deeply apologize, and everything was fine. She understood. She was actually very appreciative that I cared as well. So everything worked out. 

( 01:59 – 02:19 ) But as I was walking, I thought to myself, bill, how many times have you passed judgment? I took a cut at someone and missed the trash barrel altogether, as could have been the case at this time, right? The trash barrel was there. I missed it. I made a judgment, and it was a totally inaccurate judgment. 

(02:20 – 02:37 ) And I asked you to think about that for yourself. And as you approach today, just be aware that there may be trash barrels you’re missing. And why don’t we just try to do a better job of being accepting and pick up the trash ourselves rather than pass judgment? How’s that sound? 

( 02:38 – 03:00 ) So how many packs of trash barrels did you miss today and yesterday and the day before? Maybe you’re even missing your own trash barrels, where you’re reacting to some conditioning that you have and being very harsh on yourself. And all you have to do is stop for a moment and realize that you’re reacting rather than acting from a place of a solid footing. 

( 03:01 – 03:14 ) So that’s my speech for this morning. It ended up being a beautiful walk, and a great deal was accomplished. I hope you have a wonderful day as well—Bill Foss of Bill Foss Coaching And Consulting. Have a great day.

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